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Trader One – Business & Operations Management is a business division of Keytrans, a Brazilian company with more than forty years experience with foreign trade services.

In some services offered by this division, we emphasize the Development of International Business and Management of Operations, working from the capability and preparation of export companies until the conclusion of sales and every details of operations, allowing that companies concentrate their energy in improvement and manufacturing of products.

Our target is focused on companies that wish to sell products outside their countries (export) or those who want to purchase any product outside its country (import).

Nowadays, many companies that diversify business may not be prepared to invest in the creation of an international department, what requires capital, experience and hiring of a professional to manage these operations. Therefore, Trader One wants to become a commercial partnership of companies for the conquest of new markets as an international sales representative, helping to expand its business beyond its traditional market, with an appropriate planning of growth, considering the features of these markets.

If you believe that your company and its products has potential to search for new markets, please get in touch with Trader One and discover how we can help with this issue.

Good business!

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