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What place has your company occupied in the international commerce?

In the last years, international commerce has changed deeply the business relations between the countries involved with this process, have an influence under aspects beyond its dynamic. This way, some companies has gotten relevant influence in the countries where they have operations.

In that scene, there are some business opportunities for those who decide to look for new markets.

Trader One – Business & Operations Management™, a Keytrans ™ business division, wish to work to a higher quantity of companies may take part of this world scene, projecting them beyond their markets, as a way to consolidation and continuity of business in front of world competition, much more present and effective.

If global market is still not your concern, try to think what market your company will be able to attempt in the next years?
Show Room
Business that you are looking for may be here!
Answering the most frequent questions of exportation or importation.
Global Knowledge
Know the stories and experiences of professionals from international area.
Participating from the background and information process of future professionals.
Keytrans Logistics
Does your company need a project to expand its business? Know the other divisions of Projects and Logistics.
Simbolo Patents & Trademarks Attorneys
Is your patent or trademark already protected in the international market?
Know more.

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