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The target of this section is to create a database with records of companies who wish to trade its products, even to import or export. It will allow that Trader One business agents and partnerships may use it as a business platform for capturing, marketing and trading of products.

Each company will have a classification as per commercial Trader One commercial criteria:
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Trader One Customers: these companies will have a higher marketing and prospecting of its products, because they are part of program managed by Trader One focused in preparing and capability of business, presenting a better structure to international operations.
Trader One Associated: all companies who are not customers but wish to develop new business. Due to not participating in the preparation and capability, they are subject to consulting when business opportunities happen.
Commercial Record: short briefing of company, its products, manufacturing, selling or buying capacity and other relevant figures that allow the business development.
Commercial Target: if company wants to buy or sell products.
Location: country where the company remain their main business activities or where it wants to constitute your business.
Products Classification: using the same classification based upon customs harmonized code system.
Structure: check if manufacturing capacity is low, medium or large.




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